Coast to Coast walk (part 2)

Part 2 - June/July 2007

Restarting in Keld and finishing in Robin Hoods Bay

Friday 29th June 2007 - Day 9; From Keld AWs C2C takes us over the godforsaken Melbeck Moor but as Den, Bill and I have done this b4 I suggest we take the scenic [with pub for lunch] route along the Swale to Surrender Bridge and then pick up AWs C2C. This takes us along to Reeth and then on to Grinton.

Saturday - Day 10; This is a pleasant walk mostly crossing farmlands with a bit of quiet lane walking. Then we have to negotiate Richmond centre with all it’s distractions [shops and pubs] to resume pleasant pasture lane walking to Catterick Bridge.

Sunday - Day 11; What can I say, it’s FLAT, not sure if we cross a contour. Pretty much all day you can see the Cleveland Hills and our destination off in the distance. Can’t get excited except with the prospect of an excellent pub at the end and the start of some great walking the next day. 

Monday - Day 12; Cross the A172 and start going up through the wood to join the Cleveland Way. Today is all up and down with one of my favourite pubs along the way. If we are using the “lift from Clay Bank” option it will be the mileage and height gain/loss will be significantly less, allowing more “lunch” time but be mindful of the Wainstones

Tuesday - Day 13 If we don’t use the “lift” option it is out of the door and up, up, up to Round Hill beyond Clay Bank. If we do use the “lift” then mileage and height gain/loss will be significantly reduced. Then it is flat walking across the moors on tracks and the old mineral railway to Blakey Ridge. Not particularly exciting but on a good day some good views over the moors.

Wednesday - Day 14 ; This day starts off with easy walking, with good moorland views until we turn into Glaisdale. This eventually takes us down into what I call the Eastern Dales and into greenery again. The odd shop and pub in Glaisdale offer lunch options. We then take a woodland walk to appear at Egton Bridge, another pub, and then along an easy old toll road into Grosmont.

Thursday - Day 15; It is quite a long walk today starting with a long, long paved walk uphill then across to the A169 to drop into Littlebeck. We then follow the beck through the woods past Falling Foss then it’s fairly easy walking, sometimes on lanes until we get to the coast. There is then a clifftop walk, which eventually brings us into Robin Hood’s Bay for a plodge and then a beer in the AW bar. The bad news is we then have to get back up out of the bay to get the coach.

If you want to see more background about the walk then look at Packhorse

Route: day9, Friday
Summary - Keld to Grinton
Bridge hotel Grinton

Route Distance: 12.6 Mi Estimated Time: 5:30 Actual time 6.10
Total Ascent: 1675 ft Total Descent: 2152 ft Actual distance 14.2 miles

Elevation Profile

Overview Map

Days Log ...a good start with a bacon butty and coffee at Keld. This gave a chance for the rain to pass and was the last rain we seen for the day. After leaving the cafe at 10 we made Muker and the Farmers Arms by 11.05 and the first beer of the tour. with 2.7 miles under our belt we were of to the 6 mile mile marker and another beer at the Kings Arms at Gunnerside.
We then slogged on for reeth at the 13 miles and could not resist another pint at Reeth.Finally arriving at The Bridge Grindon for ^am for 6pm and a good spot for our first night. The change of route along the swale was well worthwhile, and provided an alternative to Melbeck moor.

just for the start
The day was off to a good start
another pub
11am and the first pub
second pint of day
12 and the second pub
what a view
views by the bucketful
tea time
3 wise monkeys
over the wall we go
action shot

Route: day10, Saturday
Summary - Grinton to Catterick Bridge

Route Distance: 13.9 Mi Estimated Time: 5:59 Actual distance 15.9 Mi
Total Ascent: 1642 ft Total Descent: 2016 ft Actual Time 5.45

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Days Log ... a bad start when the packed lunch had no fruit and a glass bottle of water. A damp day but not as bad as expected diverted to Willance Leap, some story from 1609 about a man and a horse.
Managed to find pub in Richmond. Our luck was in it poured down while we where in the pub. Please to see the hotel just after crossing the A1 and situated right next to Catterick racecourse.

group photo . Grandad father and son
3 generations completing the walk

Willances leap ..Johninsisted on a diversion
the only vaux pub in the world
The last vaux pub in the world
the last smoke
Last cigar before the smoking ban

Route: day11,Sunday
Summary - Catterick Bridge to Ingleby Cross

Route Distance: 17.8 Mi Estimated Time: 6:52 Actual distance 18.1Mi
Total Ascent: 549 ft Total Descent: 477 ft Actual time 6.10

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Days Log ...Well what a day, after John slept in we were a little late in leaving and with 18 miles ahead it was to be a Holdie route march to ensure he was late for his first pint of the evening. Heavy rain (thankfully during the night) had raised the river Swales water level by about 2 foot. The day was as described by Wainwright as very boring and flat. The paths acrooss the fields were muddy. The weather presented us with a complete mixed bag. Heavy rain waterproffs on sunshine , waterprooofs off all very well exept it happened several times and some of the rain was torrential (heavy). Lunch was very nice sunshine and a beer with our packed lunch in Danby Wiske, John was quick to ensure the pace continued and wealded the rod on many occasions explaining that vital beer time was being sacrificed.
Arrived at Blue Bell Ingleby cross by 5.20 pm only to find the bar closed till seven. Billy was starting to pay the price for new boots and the fact he had never completed 18 miles before. Happy to lie on the bed till beer could be found.

small frog
One little frog
den bumps into nelson
Den bumped into Nelson
crossing the main line
railway crossing
the fields are wet
more puddles

Route: day12,Monday
Summary - Ingleby Cross to Great Broughton

Route Distance: 14 Mi Estimated Time: 5:42 Actual Distance 15.2 Mi
Total Ascent: 2455 ft Total Descent: 2423 ft Actual Time 7 Hours

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Days Log ... An early 9am start was just in time for the rain, which thankfully lasted less than an hour. This was to be a better day all round, a return to some ups and beter scenery. Lunch at the Lordstones cafe and John Smiths for 1 a pint was a well earned bonus on the day.
The only negative is a 2.7miles walk on the road to reach Great Broughton. this was the only night that we would not be staying in a pub, this was compensated by a lovely BandB in the village.


all four together
four again
john on the top of wainstones
John on the top
at the top
Top of Wainstones

Route: day13,Tuesday
Summary - Great Broughton to Blakey Ridge

Route Distance: 9.5 Mi Estimated Time: 4.18 in pub by 1pm
Total Ascent: 2377 ft Total Descent: 1388 ft  

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Days Log ... sadly The author was to miss this day because of funeral arrangements and the need to return home for the day.
It would also coinside the easiet of the days walks . rumor was that the party would take a lift to the top of clay bank, before starting an easy 9 miler to the Lion Inn. By the time I arrived at 7pm thanks to a lift from Mike the squad was well sorted Den in bed and John still at the bar.

water road crossing
my journey was by road today
in the lion inn
the four became five for a night

Route: day14,Wednesday
Summary - Blakey ridge to Grosmont

Route Distance: 13.3 Mi Estimated Time: 5:16 actual distance 13.7 Mi
Total Ascent: 683 ft Total Descent: 1832 ft  

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Days Log ...a day with no rain what a suprise a nice start with a walk over the moors to Glaisdale and a lunchtime pint. some proper walkers past without stopping. Our downside of the day lay ahead when a slight diversion to Egton Bridge proved to a disapointment when the bar was closed.

fat betty
Fat betty boundary stone
another beer
another day another pub
some can walk past the pub
some managed to walk past the pub
grosmont station
Grosmont is a pretty spot
a wonderful old bridge
Beggar's bridge
outside church wall
stations of the cross in outside wall of church at Egton Bridge

Route: day15,Thursday (The Last)
Summary - Grosmont to St Bees (Last night at Kirby Steven)

Route Distance: 14.9 Mi Estimated Time: 6:40 actaul distance 15.3 Mi
Total Ascent: 2261 ft Total Descent: 2399 ft actual time 5.30

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last Days Log ..a early start was required to complete our goal. The packhorse bus leaves robin Hoods Bay at 3.30pm and we had 15 mile to do plus the height. A start by 8.30am would beat all records. Sadly today would be the first time we had walked past a pub.
Arriving in RHB at 2.30pm was a good walk, however the signs were showing on peoples faces. A walk into the water was required to complete the walk, as was 2pints in Wainrights bar along with the book signing, before the bus arrived to take us back to Kirkby steven.

one step hill
one steep hill after breakfast
at the finish and jimmy in the water
all at the finishing line .. Jim pleased to get his feet wet
den signs the visitors book
Den and jim sign the C2C I have done it book
many friends along the way
Many people you meet along the way (names please)

did we carry all our luggage? Not likely  Packhorse was the answer

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