Lakes winter run
Brothers Water - Nov 2007
No such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing
16-17 November 2007 , motor home camping weekend

  camsite sykeside

Too much Guinness can lead to organising a weekend in the lake district. Den, John Bill and finally Anthony would join the keep this fit class in time for Christmas.

The chosen location was in the heart of the Dovedale Valley, surrounded by Dove Crag, Hart Crag and Fairfield and with Brotherswater nearby, Sykeside is an inspiring location for Lake District camping, offering stunning views wherever you pitch.

Sykeside campsite, lake district
Friday 16th November 2007-  
6 miles - Slow walk returning just before dark
  With the initial travel and dark nights today walk is kept to a minimum... A party of 3 on the first day and 4 on the second.  
  map above and walk profile below  


  Leaving the campsite at 12.30pm is not the best start, however we made the best of it 6 miles straight up to about 2600feet (763m) past old mine workings, and the cloud came down and our decent down pasture bottom was very slow. Slip sliding away on the rocks.
Return to campsite in the last few minutes of light, time for the shower and the bar to talk over the days events
den and john den looking down the shaft
Leaving the cloud behind. Pasture Bottom
Den looking down the mine shaft
bill and den on decent in the mist
Den and Bill on decent
In the mist
Saturday 17th November 2007..
just short of 10 miles - 6hours including stops
  hart crag  
  Map above and walk profile below  


  This started okay until about the 4 mile marker at 500m when the cloud descended and spoilt the view. Lunch was the cold top of Hard crag and a chance to taste the sandwiches which had taken Anthony about an hour to prepare.
From here the weather worsened and heavy rain and wind would test our footing. The decision was made to cut out the visit to Fairfield and shorten the walk by about 2 miles. One group we met had had several members blown off their feet.
A lovely walk and one that must be repeated in better conditions, the welcome sight of the motor home at 4pm and a change of clothing allowing just enough time for a quick farewell beer before setting off for home.
The campsite and facilities at Brothers Water would certainly have us returning.
P. S. Even the camera stayed in bag today.

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