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Home Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere
2013 would see the Motorhome transport the family through Germany and into Italy , mainly the Dolomite region.

The Route
Day 2 : Wed 31st July 13 : Ijumden to Limberg  
Miles : 250 Time : almost 5 hr Mov.ave : steady Weather: warm odd shower


That was some loop to get off the Motorway and into Limberg. blue line is my track.

Paul with cathedral in the background at Limburg

a close up


Ferry docked at 10 and the plan to head for Rothenburg was abandoned after we passed the sign for Limberg , an old favorite and last visited in 2007 on both the outward and the return leg.

Day 3 : Thur 1st Aug 13 : Rothenburg ODT : Germany  
Miles : 160 Time : 3hrs steady away Weather: 30c sunny

Rothenburg ODT

Rothenburg , sadly this is print covering the real thing


after another look around Limberg and the lovely cathedral we were off to Rothenburg , an easy 160 or so miles on the Autobahn. Arriving at the campsite was a shock, not the site the heat 51c in the sun and 30c in the shade. A bit on the hot side for our liking.

A 5pm hot uphill walk took us into town, sadly the main focal point in town square is undergoing renovation. The place was busy and the pavement cafes and bars all full. At least the walk back was easier all downhill. A nice place and at least I got a nice walk about this time, as last visit here in 2007 I spent 5 days in hospital.

Day 4 : Fri 2nd Aug 13 : Prien . Germany  
Miles : 205 Time : 5 hrs lots of look about Weather: 33c shade



Campsite with a view at Prien



So an outside breakfast in lovely sunshine and off site by 10am heading for Berchtesgaden when I remembered that it a long time since I had visited Dinkelsbuhl. So after 40 miles it was parked up and walking around do a look around, another lovely place that we could have stopped for the night.

However already a day behind and a discovery that to get on the the site at Berchtesgaden we would have to arrive by 12 noon left us no choice. Drive close enough to get there at 11am so we found ourself off the radar and a nice location at Prien.

It was now too hot to be bothered to anything else than rest on the campsite with a few beers and watch the sun set over the mountains, this was our first sighting off the mountains and Paul locked so delighted.

Day 5/6 : Sat 3rd Aug 13 : Berchtesgaden , Germany  
Miles : 53 Time : 3 hrs the Motorway was like a car park Weather: Sunny 35c


Campsite with a pool

Party in town and Paul finds a sausage

and Karen finds a beer

The pitch we were on had fantastic views. The cloud cleared fast


Leave early get there early ? not when 50 miles takes 3 hours, it was just traffic overload heading for Austria and beyond. Queues for fuel on the motorway was tremendous and luckily for some strange reason I stopped , missed out on the fuel and bought an Austrian Vignette. This proved wise on this occasion. I had only 8 miles to do on the toll road before heading back into Germany and the authorities must know this is a regular run and had a road check point in force, eight euros well spent.

Then the coordinates were slightly out for the campsite. what a mess the day was heading in , a 1hour run converted into 3.

Luck changed and we wondered into town to be greeted by the towns annual festival, lots of beer bands and bangers.

A free light show was put on back at the site as thunder and lightening lite up the sky. (well so Karen tells me).

Off to the party I guess, complete with a cigarette


Time to get the bikes out

Paul attacks me with water

All views are good here

Lake Konisee

Sadly all I seen was the bar on the right and not the black cloud on the left, When it arrived it was proper heavy and the lightening that went with it.

Day 7-8 : Monday 5th August 13 : Bruck, Austria  
Miles : 63 Time : 2h20m lots of stops Weather: 33c again

Sunrise over the campsite and the cloud starts to burn off

Target Eagles Nest - car park 8am and ready to roll

  • P1090057
    walking up to eagles nest - what a backdrop
  • P1090071
    at the top - well the bus stop 1700m
  • P1090073
    Paul at the tunnel entrance - you take the lift 124m from here to the nest
  • P1090077
  • P1090076
    Paul by the original fireplace
  • P1090078
    Some famous people have stood here in the past - but non so much as today
  • P1090084
  • P1090087
  • IMG_2107
    The entrance to the bunker system of Obersalzberg - 2800m of tunnels with 80 rooms
  • P1090104
    a long way down
  • P1090101
    Machine gun rooms with opening to shoot through
  • P1090103
    this was the job the Americans did to test the walls
  • P1090099


Sideshow of the walk up to Eagles nest and the Hotel Zum Turken tunnels

At last a cool down - Bruck , Austria

the cycle trails were excellent . right from the campsite

Alpine coaster training for Paul

Karen said it was us

Bruck village was tidy

It's also kilometer zero of the Grossglokner pass


Well after an 11 year wait I was about to visit Eagles Nest perched about 6000ft high on a mountain top, we choose to walk from the car park at 950m to the tunnel entrance at 1700m.

With such madness in the heat we had been experiencing we choose to remove the mattress from Paul's back early and we were parked up for an 8am assault. The walk proved to be okay on good paths and we had the 4 plus mile mission complete in 2h 15m.

The last bit we choose to use the lift for the experience of being there. It was starting to become very busy and i worked out that approx 350 people were arriving every 25 minutes. We had only seen 5 other people on the trail. I guess if they put a bus on Ben Nevis it would empty the trail somewhat.

The top provided a chunk of history along with fantastic views, foolishly I was expecting something older when in fact it is very recent in terms of historical buildings.

Off then to the Hotel Zum Turken and a visit to the bunkers a fantastic maze of underground tunnels. The entrance to the bunker system of Obersalzberg - 2800m of tunnels with 80 rooms.

Next a move into Austria and a move towards our goal of visiting Italy.

Day 9 : Wed 7 Aug 13 : Lienz , Austria  
Miles : 55 Time : 6hrs Mov.ave : 26mph Weather: 32c


Nice roads and nice views on a perfect day

The Grossglokner Pass

Almost Down

The Lienz brass band turned out for us


Grossglokner pass today a fantastic road built in the 30's for tourists and still doing well at attracting them, 33euros to drive the 48km of probably one of the most scenic roads in Europe.

Plenty of places to stop and take photos allowing the motor to cool a little . We seen a few examples of over heated motor homes on route. Then once over the top it's the brakes turn to overheat. Engine braking is the order of the day.

We decided to spend the night in Lienz, a place I have passed through in the past but never spent the night, the site is a little crowded but we have a good spot in the shade and the facilities are excellent.

Day 10-15 : Thur 8 Aug 13 : Cortina, Italy  
Miles : 56 Time : all day again Mov.ave : 24mph Weather: 31c sunny


Lienz from the cable car on the way up

The Osttirodler 2.7km of track

Paul makes it in good time

Then Karen turned up

What a toy .....Paul went up again

Then it was into Italy and the Dolomites

Tre Cime national park

Even time for a bike ride


Off again not too early and by the time we had visited the supermarket and the Alpine Coaster it was 1.30 before we left town.

entering Italy was noticeable the road quality dropped dramatically, this was soon compensated by the quality of the senary, Misurina was our first choice of a stop over for a couple of nights the place is lovely.

However the campsite was rammed including the public car park for campers at 14euro for no facilities, you would have been lucky to be able to open a door.

Panic set in by the shear volume of camper vans on the road and it a relief when our first choice at Cortina had space. although you don't get much of it. 2 miles out of town but a bus service that runs until late at night will keep us happy for a few days.

that look full at Misurina


Sideshow (press play) - Today's walk along the old Railway line

Rocchetta campsite view


Well I have to say I love Cortina, the views the town I just don't have too many faults with it.

Saturday sadly gave us our first rain and when it rains it does it with style. The rain came in short bursts and still we were lucky enough to dodge them long enough for a cycle ride and then a afternoon in town, After a quick shopping trip it was time for beer and tea.

Sunday would see us up early and catch a bus to walk back, when the bus didn't stop we just did it the other way. Once the path was found after a step climb the remaining was on an old railway track, normally flat this one provided 1000 ft. of gain and 12mile in length. (the old calalzo-dobbiaco railway line). You just could not make your mind up which way to look such was the beauty of the area.

The bus ride back was also as good as it gets, a modern coach lovely views and only 2 euros.

On returning to the Motorhome our move today only took us 5 mile to the other end of town, more views and the chance to catch different buses to complete more walks. Campsite Rochetta provided us with a lovely pitch along with excellent facilities.


Panoramic shots from today's walk around Tre Cime



Sunday.....Well what a day off to Tre Cime, this must be the most visited spot outside of Rome? Anyway we would join them 2 buses one and a half hours later ( the time passed quick as the views were fantastic) we arrived at Refuge Auronzo had a quick coffee and started off by 10am. we were not alone, I thought Ben Nevis could draw a crowd but this takes some beating. anyway it did not spoil it and the further you got from the start the less people they was.

Its not surprising this walk has to rate high on the must do best I've ever done lists, It would take 4 and a half hours to complete the 7mile loop maybe because of the constant views and the 110 photos taken.



Sideshow - Mondays walk


Monday.....Off again for the 8am bus and this time to Passo Giau for a cross country trail around Croda de Lago and finish at the refuge there and use the jeep taxi service back to camp (not cheap but a service) saving 4 plus miles and 2800ft of foot bashing.

I have to say the weather has been excellent for hiking a bit chilli at 8am perfect by 10am and stays that way until 9pm when the big light goes out. The biggest problem is how long to stay for?


Campsite - photograph from cycle track back into Cortina

Looking the other way - Cortina in the background

Former Olympic ski jump used in 1956 - not painted since by the look of it

View from the end of the ski jump, easy just aim for the goal

BBQ grand style - Fair at the Olympic ski jump


Tuesday....Bike ride and visit to Olympic stadium which was used in 1956 and today was being used to host a town festival, normal fair, lots of beer BBQ and a band, we keep on arriving on time.

Day 16-17 : Wed 14 Aug 13 : Pozza Di Fassa, Italy  
Miles : 50 Time : 2h.44m Mov.ave : slow Weather: 22c


Sadly the cloud would spoil this one - Lagazuoi cable car, I had wanted to visit the former WW1 tunnels

cloud but we were at almost 7000 ft

Camping car park - market on the other side of the river


Well we moved !!! Oh why ???

The site we had was fantastic but after 6 days we thought we should see another stretch of the Dolomites.

The 50 mile drive was awesome 2 big passes and great scenery .

Only after 10 mile our first plan of the day was halted , the cable car view would have been zero . This was one excursion I had wanted to do . Never mind come back.

Then after 40 mile and the town of Canazis was full like the campsite sold out by 10. As was the next 5 so by 1.30 we were at home in car park for the night . It turns out that a public holiday on the 15th and the whole country is off work . We look like free loading for a few days .

Pozza Di Fassa is our chosen location and its has everything I want on holiday , except space on a campsite , the place is comfortable they must all be at church .

The climate changes are fast one minute shorts and the next waterproofs, luckily the rain only lasted 30 minutes .


More glorious senary

If I had to make a mountain it would look like this, picture from pub beer garden


Slideshow from the walk from Pozza

Thursday....and a beautiful day in the car park next to the river and a cable car station that would take us up high ready for a days walking. It was another fantastic day and cable cars are great at killing the height and putting you up amongst the higher peaks.

We only covered just over 5 miles and 2000ft of up but what a glorious day. perfect conditions at 19c up high.

Day 18 : Fri 16 Aug 13 : Plan, Italy  
Miles : 20 Time : 1h33m Mov.ave : 13mph Weather: 22c sun

The road to Pass do Sella and the Groupo De Sella mountains - a rescue was underway on the rock face

Close up of the helicopter - how do they get this close? He winched onto the side of the rock.

I said Karen take a photo and get the view . it was too busy to stop

Lovely spot

Paul is always more interested in what other people are doing

Walk from Plan - car park at bottom our base for tonight

Time to make it snow

Top cable car - closed in the summer

Did not meet many English people this trip - We did today Graham and Caroline
(Graham found a 20 as we walked down and gave it to Paul what a nice touch)

Chill time

The sunset was excellent


We did not have any real plan what to do today, so strange we ended up in a place called Plan.

We wanted at first to stop in Pozza (Poza) but decided to try and get on the campsite to loose some waste and fill up. This was not a option as still full. We paid a fee of €15 and and this allowed us to service the water bits on he van. Not sure if we would find a site anyway tonight as the area looked so busy.

Busy it was it took almost an hour to do just over eight miles on a straight road past Canazei back tracking the way we had come for a while, before heading over Pass so Sella at 2180m. People and cars! remind to to leave this week alone next time.

We dropped down from the pass and seen a lovely place in a big car park at Plan, what a setting that will do for us. A lovely walk followed by a lovely meal , this will win best car park of tour I'm sure.

Day 19 : Sat 17 Aug 13 : Brixan , Italy  
Miles : 40 Time : 1.33 Snails pace Weather: hotter


Morning sun from the camping car park

The mountains just keep popping up - St.Christina

Brixen is well worth a visit - sadly for Karen it was Saturday and the shops closed early


Time to edge away from the beautiful mountains and think about planning the home run. Plan was lovely and more walking could have bene achieved from here. it just went on and on.

Choose do drive the slow route and have a look along Val Gardena and the small towns it has to offer also a diversion to see a site I had originally fancied at Seis. As it happens it was full, oh what a surprise so it was about turn and head for Brixan a town I had visited the previous year on a bike tour. It is also close to the motorway ready for a quick departure from Italy in the morning.

Day 20 : Sun 18 Aug 13 : Hohenstadt . Germany  
Miles : 211 Time : 5h 15m walking pace at time Weather: getting cooler


Always a bonus when the site has a pool - Paul


On our way home ...

Traffic everywhere .. Took the mountain road b179 towards Fussen after Innsbruck and the first 30 mile was like a car park .ended up 5h 15 to do 210 miles.

Road tolls getting out of Italy first 35 miles and parted with €20 plus !!

Stopped at a campsite 1 mile from autobahn not even sure where I am but it's lovely ... Pool bar and pizza ...and the beer is good and only €2.50 a pint.

I don't know if Sundays are normal like this or a bigger than normal ammo ut of holiday traffic heading home. The Fussen road would have been excellent on a good day with the GS between my legs.

The campsite was one of them that you would be happy with all of the time.

Day 21 : Mon 19 Aug 13 : Remagen , Germany  
Miles : 230 Time : 4h30m Mov.ave : 50mph Weather: heavy rain


The bridge turret left as a symbol of peace

The main section fell down 10 days after being taken

The church of St Peter's and Pauls had stood the test of time better


Still heading home.....Highlight was the Motorhome went through the 50,000 mile mark today.

Not sure where to stop we picked another site from Alan Rogers collection at Remagen. A good site and the town is a nice place with a lot of history from the war.

The old town still looks well and the church dated back to the 13th century, the normal cruise ships are docked and the bars and cafes are well set up for them.

The drive here was just a plod half in really heavy rain, at least the sun was shining by the time we arrived.

Day 22 : Tues 20 Aug 13 : Ijmuiden , Holland  
Miles : 220 Time : 3h44m Mov.ave :fast Weather: 24c sunny


Mist on the Rhine at Remagen , early morning bike ride


Up early with a mission, don't miss the ferry.

After an early morning bike ride the run proved to be very easy. good time was made and we even wasted time in the Roemond Outlet shopping centre.

Staying at
1 30 30 DFDS -Ferry     Y? Floating hotel Yes it had a TV  
2 250 280 Limberg Ger 10 Lahn Camping For the price and close to town  
3 160 440 Rothenburg O D T Ger 25 Y Tauberromantik another previous  
4 205 645 Prien Ger 31 Camping Hofbauer nice views tight pitch  
5-6 52 697 Berchtesgaden Ger 26 Y££ Allweglehen The good bits were excellent  
7-8 63 760 Bruck Aus 47 Y? Sport Woferlgut Bit on the kids club side  
9 55 805 Lienz Aus 37 Y? Falkner close to town ex facilities  
10-11 56 861 Cortina Italy 29 Olympian Location 10 pitches 5  
12-15 5 866 Cortina Italy 37 Rocchetta Location 10 pitches 10  
16-17 50 916 Pozza Di Fassa Italy 0/15 N Car park for the price???  
18 20 936 Plan Italy 12 N Car Park Fantastic location  
19 40 976 Brixan Italy 44 Y Lowenhof Close to town and not full  
20 211 1187 Hohenstadt Ger 25 Y Waldpark fantastic camping and kitchen  
21 230 1417 Remagen Ger 30 Goldene Meile Excellent Facilities  
22 220 1637 DFDS - Ferry         No TV this time  
23 5   Home UK   Y Spice One  

£1 buys 1.14euro

Total drive time 45 hours / fuel used 323litres = 23 mpg

Special award to Lienz for the best bog roll holder ever seen

I liked this quote I seen on the tour

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