Baltic Tour - 2008
A month long tour of the Baltic states and surrounding area
Anyone who lives within his means suffers from a lack of imagination -Oscar Wilde
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  old town Leave home ferry to Holland on through Germany, Denmark Sweden. then an overnight ferry to Tallin in Estonia, From here we make it up as we go along. This will take in Riga the capital of Latvia , then Vilnius the capital of Lithuania finally time permitting we will spent some time in Poland rather than straight through. our return to the Ferry at Holland will driving about 300 a day through Germany and holland hopefully spending the night halts at interesting places. then a month later it will all be over.  
Vilnius old town, Lithuania
A general overview map of Tour-plan as was (as it turned out at end)
  Day 01 : Wednesday 22nd  
Ijunden(Holland) to Lubeck (Germany) 347 miles :7hrs 10 mins

Little to say today except a late arrival of 1hr 30mins into Ijmuiden. All was going well or rather not to bad until we hit road works around Hamburg with 300 miles complete the next 10 miles took 1hr 20mins.

Our arrival at Lumberg was with relief at 7pm the sun was shining and it was hot enough to sit outside, I had spotted the pub on the way in.
day 1 map
Map from day 1

Silly facts: diesel £1.20litre (holland) : the Brits have stopped at home the ferry was only half full
  Day 02 : Thursday 24th  
0 miles - visit town
Lubeck Old town
Close up
  hat shop
big head 
Hat shop - this is the one to attack
What a size - 50 years selling hats and my head was the biggest he had seen. He wanted a measure to confirm
boat trip
good views from boat
Boat trip around Lubeck
Good views from the boat
  more from boat  
world champion
Lubeck waterfront
Connect 4 world champion

Thursday ... and no miles today we visited Lubeck  town. I had stopped there 15 years previous on a bike trip and promised to return.

An excellent sunny day and showered by 7.30am had the makings of a long day, the town was very good many old buildings form part of the world heritage site.

Karen decision to visit a hat shop had the owner bemused at the size of my head, after a little consultation he asked for a measure and confirmed, in all his working life in the trade it was the biggest he had ever seen and had the chance to measure. His head measuring device only went up to 63cm and I was off the scale. He said the biggest he had seen previously was Eisenhower's. Not sure if that was good or bad. (No comments please)

Time for a boat trip around the canal this gave excellent views of the old town and we were able to locate the eating and drinking 1/4 in time for tea. All in all an excellent day Lubeck is littered with magnificent buildings and fine views.

  Day 03 : Friday 25th  
Copenhagen (Denmark) 160miles + 45m ferry

map day 3


Karen enjoys the fair

train on ferry
train on the ferry
Ferry to Denmark
fun at the fair
Copenhagen main square
Fun at the fair - Tivoli Gardens
fighter pilot
Tivoli gardens
fighter pilot Paul

A good 9.30 start in 23c, 1 hour drive to ferry for a 45min crossing to Denmark. The ferry must run at a loss they charge £75 for the one way crossing. It accommodates a train what a sight a high speed train pulling onto the ferry.

We were soon on our way to Copenhagen to be welcomed by 28c of heat and not a cloud now for 2 days, after 100 miles we arrived at our first full campsite. Luckily another was only 5 miles away, not as good, not as pretty but closer to the city. A trip to Tivoli gardens in the centre of town. Paul thought this was fantasticall the fun of the fair and I had to suffer, tasteless larger at £6 a pint (Tuborg).

  Day 04 : Saturday 27th  
Jonkoping (Sweden) : 174 miles + ferry
map day 4
city centre copenhagen
last sight of Denmark
A bit close to the city of Copenhagen
Last sight of denmark
holinsborg, denmark 
Holinsborg , Denmark

smiler paul

mobile office
Happy to be at sea
Mobile office
  jonkoping front    
Paul enjoys a run about , while mam looks for more wine
The enfields are following me, 2 enfields bought by a couple who went to India and brought the bikes back
Does Paul want to come to India

Another excellent day sun shinning and hot. Made the decision to take the ferry rather than the bridge. People advised the ferry was a shorter drive and more to see.

Arrived in Jonkoping around 3pm and the temperature up tp 33c. a pleasent site by the lake. A £33 charge though. Everyone talks about fuel prices I found it strange that in 4 countries the price has not altered by more than 2p a litre at £1.20. Beer is the main concern. The woman in the beaur de change said beer starts at 40sek (11.7 to the £) and goes up over. I changed £300 got 3500sek back. I said 3500 i am rich she replied "you have not been in a pub yet".

Well mobile office ready to be put away and start spending that 3500. Plus I have drunk all the Tiger beer The Holdies left in the motor home.

The town was a gem, the weather was perfect and people were out to party . ( the government says high tax will prevent people drinking...not sure from what I have seen tonight) I was talking to a couple who vivited Deli in India last year and completed a similar trip to what I have planned for next year. They enjoyed it so much they brought a bike back (£1000 in India plus another £1000 duty transport etc).

  Day 05/06/07 : Sunday 27th / Monday 28th / Tuesday 29th  
Stockholm :194 miles
  map day 5That's the first bit done  
Plenty of nice cars on the camp site at Jonkoping
Lovely reception and camp site Jonkoping. well at that price you want hotel facilities.
T-Bana to the city from campsite
View from the front of the Palace
Old town and narrow streets
Changing of the guard
Palace front
Guest entrance
I think Karen liked taken photos of the guards
One day mam
Tram ride was bumpy
Tivoli gardens Stockholm style

A late start (good night out etc..most of the 3500 gone) and free internet connection provided me with the opportunity to bring the web site up to date, we made a late start for Stockholm. the sun was shinning again and the world looked fantastic. Even the coffee was good.

Took the decision to phone ahead for campsite, Just as well turned out we got one off the last places. the camp site is 6 miles from the centre 5mins from the underground station, saves the drive through the city. Spentthe rest of the day just lazing about in 33c heat ready for the big city tomorrow. the site looks well, got a bar etc. what more could you want... (free internet would be nice £7 for 1 hour wireless connection).

Well Stockholm had arrived, I had waited 10 years to look around here, and I must say it was worth the wait. the old town (on an island of its own) was fantastic. The government buildings are housed here along with the royal palace. Our timing was perfect and gave us the chance to see the changing of the guard along with all of the pomp.

We continued to use our transport tickets, well jumping on and off buses and trams at will, unti finally after 11 hours we gave in to the attraction of a few beers and bed.

Tuesday was the day the tour was to really begin, an overnight ferry to Tallin, leaving at 6pm. So rather than waste the day hanging around the campsite I frog marched the troops back to the city to be outside the Royal palace for before 10am to have a chance of beating the crowds. Karen not the greatest fan of looking round another Royal palace went along with the idea. Not the most interesting the Royals were out says Karen.

We did beat the crowds and 5th in line for a ticket ensured us a hassle free look around the royal apartments, treasury, museum and guest state rooms. Well worth the effort, we strolled along through the shops, to the T-bana(underground) and back to the campsite in time for 3pm check out.

The ferry was always a question of doubt in Karen's mind (foreign, smelly toilets etc) it turned out to be fantastic well up market. It also provided reduced price beer at £4 a pint and free interent conection.

Here cometh our adventure.

  Day 08/09 : Wednesday 30th/Thursday 31st  
Tallin (Estonia) 5 miles + overnight ferry
Tallin awaits and so do the Police
No poverty here , Lambogini
The old town of Tallin was a delight
Karen and Paul in main Town hall square
My first bid, lesson number one. She said 60 dad said tell her 50 and so it was...
Old ramparts still survive
Photographs around every bend
City centre camping or was it carpark
another famous building
View from the roof tops
Paul gets to make his own coin
Sunset to die for
Thursday...Old olymic stadium when Russia hosted the games
Now provides a campsite and a place to park the boat
And a nice spot for lunch, only 2 miles out of Tallin
Back to the old town
Even the painting was wonderful
Time for beer... Hell's Fire

Straight off the boat and into a Police checkpoint, breathalysed. Well after lots of beer this had my heart ticking. Luckily for me the gadget must have been faulty and I was on my way.

Only a couple of miles today and City centre camping. Now do not complain it was clean good facilities and as the book said in the city centre. it just looked more like a car park.

Into town for breakfast and a look round the old town, what more can I say absolutely fantastic. A lot better than I had ever imagined, normally I find they never live up to the book and this was even better. Good food and beer followed then an early night.

Thursday and another sunny day and off for a spot of retail therapy, lunch, laze about and back to the old town. Fantastic again complete with a Chinese for supper.

  Day 10: Friday 1st  
Haapsalu (Estonia) 75 miles
Old unpainted version, trains at Haapalsa
Painted version
Facilities at camping Pikseke , Haapsalu
Parked up close enough for the internet connection and the park . Camping Pikseke was excellent any one passing should give this a look
good timing arrived in time for a festival
..must be early this was the first pint she had ever served (nat look alike??)
Friday night and the best place for them... behind bars
and a bar with a view...culture

Well time for a drive only done around 15 miles since Sunday and it's time to head south and sample Estonia way from the Glamour of the big city. Another nice Sunny day that hot you can not breath and warm enough to sit out till 10pm, not to uncomfortable during the night... in other words perfect for my liking.

Well the drive turned out to be only 75 miles pretty boring 15 miles on dirt (road works) arrived in Haapsalu and the first sight was a station full of old trains, one painted the rest, well work in progress. The campsite came with good reviews and it deserved them. The owner was very helpful and full of local knowledge which he was prepared to share.

Quick visit into town proved to be worthwhile if only for the atmosphere around the castle and the music...and good beer.

  Day 11-12 : Saturday 2nd / Sunday 3rd  
Salme, Saaremaa Island (Estonia) 109 miles + Ferry(40min)
The road detail gets less as the GPS information does not cover the minor roads
Martin from Bournemouth turned up late last night to pitch a tent, he had peddled 1985 miles to get here
`Ferry to Saaremaa Island
War memorial to commemorate the battle of Tehumardi some 580 lost their lives here in a night of fighting in 1944 (see story)
Campsite Tehumardi , Saaremaa Island First class facilities opened in 2004
The castle deserved a photo from every angle
Paul managed to get a visit on the Estonian customs boat, if you do not ask you do not get.
Can you give me a hand please...
That castle again
Time for a beer

Up up and away for the crack of 11.45 this was planned as an early run to catch the ferry, Never mind still in time for 1pm ferry for the 40 minute crossing and at £11what a bargain.

The decision was made to go quite tonight and stop out of the big city. No bright lights and a night of self sufficiency on the campsite. This will discover if Karen can cook a burger and I can drink bottled beer all night and watch.(hes good at that)

The campsite was excellent complete with its own boating lake. I am beginning to wonder what all the worry had been about Estonia was looking better every day and I could spend the rest of the holiday here. Another approved by Alan Rogers guide books which we have used for the past 4 years.

The island of Saaremaa was off limits during the soviet occupation which ended in 1991 due to an early warning station and a rocket base being located on the island.

Sunday and we had are first taste of rain, thank fully all clear by lunch and in time to catch bus to town. The town had a festival going on which gave the place a bit of a buzz.

  Day 13 : Monday 4th  
Pernu (Estonia) 125 miles + ferry
Meteorite crator at Kaali (see large Story photo)
the story behind it

Well I was up and ready for 7..... however it was 11 by the time we moved, no great hurry Paul had a friend on the site played together for 2 days and neither spoke a word of the others language, fantastic to see. 125 miles plus the ferry. The only distraction would be a visit to the meteorite centre at Kaali, europe's most accessible meteorite centre and then to see the most photogenic windmills at Angla.

Parnu looked well and provided excellent food in a joint Chinese , Indian and Thai restaurant. The campsite and town must have been 90% Finish occupation. We have now seen only 1 other Brit since entering Estonia.

  Day 14 and 15: Tuesday 5th Wednesday 6th  
Riga (Latvia): 114 miles

Good new road paid for by the EU, joins the 2 countries
Parnu beach wet and empty
Closed for the rain
Vast and empty
Modern leisure facilities and hotel £10 just to park
Latvia and another one off the list
Riga first sight old trams and old buildings

Another country another currency, another day. Heavy rain during the night continued through till lunchtime and was proper wet stuff. A quick visit to the beach just to say we had seen it was worth the effort big long sandy beach with no one about.

Time only to visit the last Estonian supermarket and collect the first of my beer imports, before leaving Estonia. Karen had a word about my comments on the weight of her 9 pairs of shoes and then I fill the garage with beer.(that's why I did not want any more shoes on board)

When we arrived in riga the sun was shining and the camp site almost full, a campsite with no view on a big car park. But as they say on the tin it is close to the city centre. the city looked a bit rough on the edges as we approached, the main centre looked a lot better.

And it was a lot better in fact it was excellent, what a wonderful day wondering around the old city and up the church tower and then up to the 26th floor of hotel to sit in the bar and watch the evening disappear.

view from the camper van window
cathedral and wonderful interior
St. Peter's ...and a lift to the viewing platform
views from the top
the hotel with the bar on the 26th floor
Town hall square
Just happy to be here
another square
and another
what a job
boating river yards from the centre ..fantastic
just wait
Good views from the 26th floor
Cheers from the 26th floor
  Day 16 : Thursday 7th  
Piejuras, Ventspils ( Latvia) : 124 miles
a nice lunch stop
Ventspils had a thing about cows, this one on the campsite
Paul checking his watch again
Town hall,Ventspils
Opposite town hall, getting dark
Another one of those cows, this time on the harbour
Karen just discovered that her jeans are ripped, 10cms

A good drive out of the city and onto the worst road so far , well at least 50% of it. Forest after forest and small villages showing signs of the past before we finally reached Ventspils a big industrial looking place on one side a fantastic holiday resort on the other.

The campsite looked fantastic situated in a forest close to the town. The reception was excellent and so were the pitches, all numbered for a change compared to Riga where vans were lined up as if in a dealers parking lot.

The town was quiet and very nice. Drank the local Ventspils beer, Karen helped to rid most of the Russian Vodka Stocks left over from the occupation (4 = 1 uk measure) and off she toddled hole in jeans to suit.

  Day 17 : Friday 8th  
Palanga (Lithuania) : 132 miles

The yellow track shows today's drive, white previous, purple planed

Paul and one more cow
Lithuania , one more empty border
Palanga Camping the worst on record (the white thing is the shower, and it was an extra), click on shower
Palanga beach at sunset

The sun was shinning on the van and a sit outside for breakfast was in order. Then a mad decision to pack up and head for Palanga at noon turned bad. By the time we had revisited Ventspils to fill up with the local beer it was 6pm by the time we had arrived in Palanga. The town was busy. The campsite was about 5km from town and was a dump, a proper dump sadly the decision was made to bolt up in the motor home and see the night out. this had been the first night we had not headed for a recommended site ( now that will teach you). And it was a Friday!!!!!!!!!!!! Me walking to a beach on a Friday all alone.

  Day 18/19/20/21 : Saturday 9th, Sunday 10th, Monday 11th,Tuesday 12th  
Vilnius (Lithuania) : 320 miles

Campsite security
what it says on the tin is not always....
Palanga beach walk
Hill of crosses.... words can not describe
The number of wedding parties here was unbelievable
On and on
Paul enjoyed all the stretched Limo's
The camp site had its own lake frontage and ferry service
International naming played no part (click on boat)
This is where the ferry took you, Trakia
From the sky

One general was still about


Leaving early allowed a hair cut in Palanga by which time it was 11am before we set sail for Siauliai and the "hill of crosses" a 2 hour drive turned into 3 and a half as I resorted to traditional non GPS navigation techniques (Karen). This was the start of today's nightmare and I felt I was on a 24hour pilgrimage. 2 miles to go when Karen said you need the 150 road, so of we went 44 miles to do 2.

The hill of crosses, was fantastic and over populated with wedding cars. I counted 15 stretched Limos alone and the photograph's do little justice to the enormity of this spectacle.

Leaving the hill so late made the choice of campsites limited, especially after last nights non recommended affair. The choice I made today turned out to be closed after a 30 minute game of hide and seek with the grid reference, if only full GPS coverage was available it would so different.

Off we headed for Vilnius, arriving after more than 300 miles and 9pm at night and only to be told the bar closed at 10pm.

The added surprise was the meeting again of Peter and family from Poland. We had met them at previous campsite in Estonia (1 week and 2 countries apart and we are all together again ).

The campsite turned out to be great. Lots to do in the vicinity, a change from driving so lets explore.

Sunday.. and off we went to Trakia, a ferry runs every hour from the campsite to the island (although it is possible by road only 4 miles further) it was a wonderful place and what started in gray skies turned out sunny.

St Peter's and St. Paul's Church Vilnius
  Outside St Peter and pauls church  
Old town Vilnius in the rain
Smiles and it only took a jacket potatoe
More old town
Market square
The Virgin Mary at St. Thereas Church built in to the Gates of Dawn (one of the best examples)
Original Cathedral complete with Basilica, Vilnius

Monday..Taxi booked and off to the big city some 20 miles away, one look at the buses the day before had us jumping in a taxi. Only this is the day we have rain, however it cleared by lunch and by mid afternoon it looked a different place. It was more spread out than Riga or Tallin but we still did it justice. The taxi returned at 8pm. I could have stopped and tried the local beer for a lot longer, if only.

Tuesday..A big change as we decided to stop at this place one more day and have a laze about.

All the fun of the Lake
  Even mam went in the water  
  Day 22 : Wednesday 13th  
Ukta(Warminsko-Mazurski), Poland : 258 miles
4 days and it was time to leave Vilnus campsite
Danny & Katty from OZ with an GB plated van (only the second we had seen in 2 weeks) had been are neighbours for a few days. They planned another 3 months away.
Paul posed with friends Michal and Ewa from Poland, he did not want to leave
  Poland and country number 8   Camsite Galindia was a stange place full of caves including hell and wood carvings everywhere  
  We camped by the lake, wonderful   A nice end to the day  
  This was real ... do not touch   Sitting with strange things was normal for me  

Well the days get shorter as we spend more time travelling, sadly I headed out of town towards Bellarus and had to do an about turn which added about an hour to our day. The drive on the Polish side was fantastic, through nice country side. Spoilt for a while with the rain, which cleared by the time we arrived. I also realised that my hour lost was regained with Polish clock being 1 hour back.

The campsite was set in the middle of nowhere on the edge of a lake, it is a famous historic site with settlements found here from 500BC. It made a change from the towns and city's and boasted 2 bars one built in a cave and the other like a tree house. The evening was one to remember sitting with a stuffed bear eating dinner.

  Day 23/24 : Thursday 14th/Friday 15th  
Gdansk, Poland : 159 miles (very slow miles.. Polish road miles)
Paul posing with the wooden dollies
wood carvings by the 1000
Peace man peace (look at that phone)
On the way out of Galindia

Not wanting to rush away from such a good location made for a 11.30 departure in fact the whole area is beautiful and worth a return.

Although the scenery was excellent the roads deteriated and it took 4 hours to cover 100 miles. Thankfully the next 50 were on Poland's version of a motorway, and covered in an hour. Then the city of Gdansk slowed us again taken an hour to cover the last 9 miles.

Arriving at the site we would witness just how many people you can squeeze on a few acres of land, once again the price you pay for being so close to the city. The plus point was the sun was shining and we were near the bars.

Sopot the beach resort of Gdansk was a fantastic place by night, busy and jumping. An open air cinema had the crowds packed in. The number of bars proved too many to count and it was well after midnight before Paul tired of it.

Friday and off to Gdansk and I will let the photos tell the story, apart from the fact we picked a national holiday to visit. It was busy but it gave a feal of excitement, street cafes and bars as far as you could see. visited St. Mary's church and being a holiday it was packed, standing room only, the church can hold 25,000 people.

Sadly it rained and rained and this put an early end to the day.

It is hard to believe that Gdansk was damaged so much during the war and has been rebuilt brick by brick and the work still on going.

Refuge camp number 67
Tram station to Gdansk
Railway station
it got busier
  The waterfront was nice  
...and crowded
A fantastic job done in rebuilding this
We picked a national holiday and the day of the marathon to visit Gdansk
sadly it rained and spoilt the views
A bar is in there somewhere
Tram ride back to campsite
  Day 25,26,27 : Saturday 16th/ Sunday 17th/ Monday 18th  
301 miles (Germany): 347 miles(holland) : 132 miles total 3121
3 days and 780 miles
A nice lake side fontage
and still in the woods
On site drag lift
Maybe next time

This was all about heading home trying to make the most of the fact that home is where we are headed.

A long slow drive out of Gdansk the 300 miles took from 9am till 6pm with only a 45 min break, sadly 30 minutes wasted by poor directions to the site and that hurt this late in the day. However what turned out to be a site in the middle of nowhere turned out to be a good night in the smallest of German villages about 30 miles north of Berlin with an excellent cafe serving good beer and a reluctance to close made for a good night.

This camp site was massive all set in the woods and over 75 acres in size, it also incorporated a water ski drag which at 10 euros per hour looked good value.

Sunday all day drive again, with no excitement only 7 hours driving and luck on our side we drove straight to the site and for once it was as expected or at least what it said on the tin, perfect. I might have given it a 10 if not for only selling Heineken lager. Well you can't have everythink. (oh as good as internet is, it cost extra).

Then Karen went and spoilt it by saying this one could not be included in the voting as it was not part of the real Baltic tour, only a bus stop on the way home. well I decided that tonight is the last proper night and its time for the bar. Anyway this was our last and ninth country we have slept in 4 weeks and I think I shall celebrate.

Holland and a pool , that's right spoil me the last night
One day son... a normal boring holiday, and showers that work and......

Left site at 2pm and the traffic was the busiest I have ever seen getting to Ijumden with an hour to spare.

Okay thats that another one done, what next......This is the way it was


Karen’s Bit

It was with in trepidation I started out on this holiday. A month touring, visiting 9 countries, a lot of driving, a lot of site seeing, a lot of midges (remember last year).

Good crossing to Ijmuiden. Lubeck very beautiful, very hot. Stockholm very vibrant and expensive, the Old Town not to be missed. Ferry to Tallinn, Cruise Liner very nice best crossing ever. Estonia, Tallinn the capital fabulous. The sea front very busy lots of people on skates. Paul loved it and so did his Dad lots of pretty slim girls, skating all with big boobs buying skates on my return to Blighty.

I loved the City of Riga; it had a real feel good factor lots of people watching. The West coast a lot like Blackpool won't be revisiting.

The Hill of Crosses is awesome to see and very moving. (Okay so I read the map wrong)

Villinious another City very big beautiful churches, we have visited numerous churches and shrines and lit lots of candles for our families and friends and oh the goldfishes.

Poland (please repair roads) undecided on this Country. Need to see more, but have made a lovely friend Catherine, who is polish and I hope to see again.

Travelling: Lots of miles, lots of trees.

Hated: Coin operated showers. Shared toilets with fellas.(billy's plus point) Push button showers.

Loved: Riga, Hill of Crosses, Our Lady in Villiunus, (a holy picture said to perform miracles), baked potatoes for lunch so tasty in Villinus.

In a word, I have loved this holiday camping no problem Billy’s moans, about driving ignored totally, on the homeward stretch, but could stay for more of the same.  


Day Mileage Total At Country cost WiFi Campsite Comment 10/10
Lubeck Germany 17+s n Lubeck 2km from town good site 7
copenhagen Denmark 22 n bellahoj big field, close to city,cold shower 4
Jonkoping Sweden 21 y Villa Bjorkhagen not much for the £33 6.5
Stockholm Sweden 25 n Bredang Camping 6 mile from city 4star 7.5
ferry       m/s Romantika excellent  
Tallin Estonia 20 n city center camping it was close to the city and clean 7
Haapsalu Estonia 12 y Camping Pikseke charming welcome , good site 8
Saaremaa Estonia 12 y Camping Tehumardi,Salme Lovely spot opened 2004 8
Parnu Estonia 11 y Camping Konse close to town and excellent showers 7
Riga Latvia 17 n City Camping as it said on the tin 7
Ventspils Latvia 14 Piejuras, Kempings Wonderful site on the edge of town 8
Palanga Lithuania 13 n Palanga Municipal Dump the worst ever ( I SAID NIL) 3
Vilnius Lithuania 14 y Kemping Slenyje Let down by motorhome dump 7.5
Ukta Poland 24 Galinda Caveman style bar and facilities 9
Gdansk Poland 13 n Camping Przy Plazy No.67 Pack em in ... 6 inch apart rule 5
Roisdofr Germany 13+s n Campingplatz am Ruhlessee in the forrest 8
kleijsenweg Holland 20 Demolenhof must be the winner 9.75
Ijumden Holland          

640 litres of Fuel used at average £1.17 litre and 22mpg (cheapest lithuania = 94p)

Campsite average £15.80

country £1 = Beer cost grey hen =£3.05
Euro 1.22  
Denmark 9.36 60dek
Sweden 11.85 50sek
Estonia 19.22 40eek
Latvia 0.88 2Ls / 1.5Ls out of riga
Lithuatia 4.35 6lit/4.5lit at campsite
Poland 4.10 5 - 8 Zloty
Germany 1.22 2.60Euro
Holland 1.22 3.00Euro (grolsh)

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