Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike
Family cycle holiday to the Netherlands (Holland) July 2015

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Well we like to adventure a little and try something new. Well this was different a family cycling holiday to Holland, 2 nights on the boat and 7 nights travelling from place to place. Although 2 nights spent in one spot to catch up on rest and laundry.

We did take a train to save 20 miles and sample life on a Dutch train (see straight line in pink))



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Staying at
0 7   DFDS        
1 40 47 Callantsoog   RIDE Badhotel Dated design . big room lovely breakfast  
2 59 106 Workum   RIDE Golden Leeuw lovely place nice bar centre square , quaint  
3 30 136 Lemmer   RIDE Iselmar excellent. swimming pool , bowling, apartment 2 bedrooms , living area 5*
4   Lemmer   Rest
5 41 177 Kampen   RIDE Van Dijk Nice and indoor bike parking , lovely town  
6 35 212 Huizen   RIDE Fletcher fantastic location and excellent view  
7 22 234 Amsterdam   RIDE Linden Hotel small room , typical city centre , Friendly  
8 37 261 DFDS   RIDE Ferry from Ijmuiden  
miles 255 miles (boat to boat) - Completed July 2015

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