Camping at last 2010 after years spent in 5 star hotels
it's now time for camping......

A weekend away that would not normally get reported except that I was camping


Map of the planned weekends route 1277 miles

What is it? The Grim Riders?

The aim of this motorcycle ride is simply for you to visit some of the Battlefields of Britain within a calendar year (i.e. from January to December). The battlefields may be visited at any time of the year and in any order. You do not need to visit more than one on any particular day or trip. You do need to visit a specific place at each battlefield, and provide proof of your visit by photographing your motorcycle at that place.
  Day 01 : Saturday 10th April 2010  
Miles : 470 Time : 12hrs Mov. ave :56mph  20c sunny
Dave finds his first battlefield at Pilloth in Wales
blank image

The bike always looks good but in sun everything looks well

And the second battlefield Sedgemoor

One Happy camper

Okay a couple of battlefields 490 miles and one campsite...not just any campsite but my first one. The run down had been fantastic .The hottest day of the year.The nights camp was just north of the charming village of Drewsteigton, just off the A30 12wiles or so of Exeter. Advice from the campsite owner was to visit the local pub in Drewsteigton which was a charming pub .Fantastic local brewed beer and claim of the oldest landlady in the country until recently aged 100.

The night was dry and cold, this was the point I would learn about seasons in sleeping bag.

The first day track log

Map showing campsite and location of that excellent village, Drewsteignton

Billy was finished
Graham a close second
  Dave almost  
Paul with his pink tent was well....

Rough campers using a compressor to blow up air beds

  Day 02 : Sunday ; Hastings  
Miles : 340 Time : 9hrs Mov. ave : 56mph Dry with Sun

Mobile office and coffee shop and its only 7am


The village of Drewsteignton was fantastic ....and the pub

More culture

Who was in the army then...Graham had his purpose...I was pleased it was a camera

First for Sunday Stratton....a fantastic ride to the coast

Time for a visit to Stonehenge

and the last one for Today Battle of Hastings


Up early and away was the Badcock motto, luckily for the rest of us the campsite had a 7am curfew a lie in till 7am on a sunday what a treat. Campsite breakfast was spoilt by the fact that Badcock told me not to bother then he gets his own boil in bag out and has marvels at how fast it all happens in his new Jetboil (and it was a present from me).

First call of the day was a return trip to the village from the previous night to take a few photos before heading for the first battlefield of the day at Stratton. What a fantastic run, early sunday morning and the roads where ours, luckily we had to backtrack to our start before heading for Stonehenge (no not a battlefield another bit of culture) and Hastings.

Campsite 2 at hoseasons was terrible in comparison to other sites I have stopped at (motor home) £64 for 4 small tents and a dated toilet block to suit. arriving at 5.30pm and a food service that shut at 6pm will not be a repeat.

Anyway it was still dry but very windy on the hill top.

Day 2 Route - our campsite 12 miles west of Exeter, but we went in and out to Bude on the coast, a great bike road

  Day 03 : Monday ; Home  
Miles : 435 Time : 12.5Hrs Mov. ave : 50 (8h44m) Colder but dry

Malton was quaint even if we are on the wrong side of the river


Quaint as it was texting is very important

That's the sign on the other river bank (4 miles away)

Wincery 8 hrs on the road and still 180miles from home

Marston Moor was the last for today...Just west of York


As I looked out of the tent today at 6am Badcock was already packed, tent everything all on the bike and ready to go. A hint of a coffee fell on deaf ears. By 7am we were off and the promise of a stop at the first greasy spoon did not happen till after 9am . the M25 on a rush hour Monday morning is not to be recommended.

Malton at 90 or so miles was not reached until 11.30am and a decision taken not to return to the M25 and miss a few of the planned sites out. this proved to be the best option as we were still on the bikes 12.5 hours to home.

This was also a piece of luck as the roads direct to Wincerby and Marston Moor turned the day around, especially the High Street 40 or so miles through the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Day 3 - route, we had to miss a few out..that M25 on a Monday morning at 8am is fun



Staying at
1 460 460 Crockernwell, Dartmoor  
y/f Barley Meadow Ex site , long way to pub 8
2 340 800 Hastings,Kent  
n shearbarns,Hoseasons How much, facilities tired 3
3 435 1235 Home  

Conclusion : Yes I would do it again, but was I spoilt ? 3 dry days ?

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