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Well what to do after you have been to India. After India it was always going to be difficult to plan another bike trip. To be able do and see so so much in 2 weeks, I doubt will ever be bettered. So why not have a good run arround the apls.


  Day 01 : Tuesday 22nd September 2009 : P and O ferry Hull  
Miles : 133 Time : 4 Hours Moving ave: 40mph WX : Dry and windy

Just an easy run for the ferry, which took us via Hemsley on a windy but dry day. A good 133 miles and a arrival just in time at 5.30pm for an overnight on board. First impression giving the choice I would use this route rather than Ijumden both for the run to the boat and the quality on board.

  Day 02 : Wednesday 23rd September 2009 : Troyes , France  
Miles : 303=436 Time : 8 hrs Moving ave:60mph WX = Sunny 25c
Paul checks out the rate at the Hotel De Ville , St. Bezier
Lunch and time for a rest for the bikes. The bike are both 2009 models of the the BMW R1200 GS adventure series. Complete with all the toys. (only the red one looks a lot better)

Ferry crossing flat and calm and on our way for 9.15am (1hr late) headed South on peage to Riems before turning onto smaller road and the town of St. Bezier for a late lunch. Finally heading for Troyes on the back road through the national park and arriving in Troyes around 4.45pm. The normal hassle of finding a hotel and parking took away another valuable hour.

The weather was cold for a while on the peage(17c and a touch of drizzle), then the sun came out and the heat was on, 25c in a bike suit is just above my comfort Zone, but I shall not complain.

The City of Troyes is a delight hundreds upon hundreds of old buildings complete with a wonderful charm.

  Day 03 : Thursday 24th September 2009 : Annecy , France  
Miles : 234 = 670 Time : 7h 28m Moving ave: 48mph Sunny 26c
    Troyes on a misty Thursday morning    

    The main square in Dijon will do as a car park    
    Annecy always a favorite    

A gray start to the day but dry......but after Paul spends 35 minutes in the bathroom we have a chance for the sun to come through. At least his woman's size toilet bag gets used to the full.

The run started cool at 14c and misty, however within the hour the sun was out and the temperature on the rise and rise it did to 26.5c. This was the first time I had used the back roads between Troyes and Annecy. What a good choice, the first section to Dijon is 90 miles of bikers delight. The middle section through Dijon was busy but worth the visit to sit in the square for lunch. Then off again and back on the quite roads. Once again well worth the effort and well recorded for the next time.

Annecy eventually reached after seven and a half hours and the race to get off the bike and into the shower was started. Annecy is a fantastic place and although I was only here last month it is always worth the effort. Mussels in curry sauce with fries washed down with draft Leffe is always worth the effort.

  Day 04: Friday 25th September 2009 : La Clusaz,France  
Miles : 165 = 835 Time : 7h 15m Mov. ave :33mph mainly cloud 20c
Cluses Hotel De Ville - a pleasant lunch stop
  Thonon Les Bains on the shores of Lake Geneva, note the funicular railway to the shore  
  When I last visited in July this was busy, today it was closed  
  Some think we are just away to party.... This is 11 bells and Paul's obsession to sent texts has him practicing in his sleep.. Please send me your caption idea... email

"How does this work?"

"Predictive text a piece of P*** I can do it with my eyes shut"

"u shud name him after another dwarf as well as dopey he shud b called sleepy lol!!He must be dreaming of a curry nd txtin Mo with his claw hand!! "Mo, can i have a chicken vindaloo, no rice and 2 chapattis!!"


Paul my traveling companion, who assures me that he requires little sleep, scrapped himself from his bed after nearly 9 hours. His straight consecutive 3 in a row plus eights. It goes to show for some that a day on the bike is harder than they are used to at home.

Today's run could have been completed in 19 miles, however we are here to ride our bikes and saying it was ideal condition we managed 165 miles over some fantastic roads. First around the lake of Annecy then off towards the mountains and passed tonight's stop almost before heading north to eventually reach Lake Geneve and the nice town of Thonon then almost turning around and heading back on excellent roads and the start of the "Route des Grand Alps". Eventually after a few diversions we found our hotel for tonight in La Clusaz. Typical of most mountain resorts in summer it looked closed, and closed it was.

  Day 05: Saturday 26th September 2009 : Le Bourg D'Oisans, France  
Miles : 195 Time : 8h 5m Mov. ave : 34mph dry/sun/wet 14-25c
    Friday nights Hotel in La Clusaz  
The road to Val Thonan was 25 miles to a dead end and worth every mile
Everyone had gone home it was our first ghost town of the day

At least the scenery was worth looking at
    Paul is normally terrible at spotting the road signs  

    Les Deux Alps was also closed ...I was informed that 1 million people visit in the winter and today 2  
    Hotel De Milan, Le Bourg D'Osian, the end to a fantastic day although it rained for the last 30 miles.  
    Up and down  

Saturday had arrived and another dry day. So today's run would start where we had left off on the "Route Des Grand Alps" to Flumet then toward Albertville, Moutiers and a 50 mile excursion down the "Valle Des Belleville" to Val-Thorens. Returning to Moutiers the "Route de la Madeleine" a pass at over 6000 foot would link us with "Route du Glandon" both allowed us the most direct route to les Deux-Alps.

Today was the day of ghost towns, first Val Thonan not a soul in sight and enough hotels to fit 10,000. A fantastic 25 mile run to a dead end on good mountain roads, with next to no traffic, and then the joy of turning round and doing the same in reverse. Then two good passes mentioned earlier. The road quality fantastic with views to match. Sadly a touch of rain on the last run in to Les Deux Alps tested the rubber.

This was the second town that had moved out , a truly magnificent place with no one in. I would love to see this place in winter.

  Day 06 : Sunday 27th September 2009 : Susa, Italy  
Miles : 203 = 1033 Time : 7h 45m Mov. ave : 39mph Dry 5c-26c
The highs and lows of today's run..As we went up the temperature went down.

Views on the road to Briancon
  Col D'Izoard always worth a photograph  
  Le Plan De Sucre almost 10 000ft and the border between France and Italy  
  Castledenfino, Italy side of the border....fantastic  

Cool start to the day, however dry all day. The days ride took us to Briancon on a very good scenic road, then off to Col d'Izord (popular tour de france road) another excellent surfaced road high into the mountains. The plan then went, head for Italy over the 9000 footer "le plan de Sucre" where we ended up in cloud and the temperature dropped to 5c, thankfully it was quickly over with and we were back in the sunshine and rising temperature up to 25c.

Lunch would prove to us that learning a foreign language is useful as the restaurant had no menus to point at and spoke not a word of English. Pasta was one of my few Italian words I have mastered, so pasta it was with Cola, job sorted.

The next 40 miles proved a little boring as expected, before we climbed again to Sestriere, anther famous ski resort closed but busy with bikers out for a Sunday blast. The skiing facilities here looks among the best, and we had no complaints with the roads to get here. This left 30 or so miles to Susa via Cesena (another place worth returning to) and another end to mighty fine days riding. Leaving Paul tired and ready for an afternoon nap, as the 8 hours a night are proving inadequate.

  Day 07 : Monday 28th September 2009 : Chamonix, France  
Miles : 152 Time : 7h 24m Mov. ave : 31mph  sunny 7c - 22c
Today had plenty of ups and downs

  The road to Col de L,Iseran  

At it's highest point

  The region of Beaufortan  

Another good days riding from Susa, Italy Chamonix Mont Blanc in which the sun shone all day and temperatures only varied because of the height that was climbed. The route first headed for the Col du Mt. Cenus then a stop at Lanslebourg(just because I always do) before heading for the highest pass of the day, the Col de L,Iseran offering fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and Val-D'Isere below. Where a coffee can now be had for £4 and a hamburger for £12. But what a setting.

Progress from here was slow but enjoyable and the decision had been made not to use the Mont Blanc tunnel this time but use the quite road over the mountains and the pass of Cormet de Roseland, which is outstanding in it's surrounding beauty, in the region of Beaufortan, a must return place. The lake of Roselend being particularly amazing.

Chamonix appeared to be quite and finding a hotel easy if not inexpensive. The town was quiet even my favorite bar was closed. My survival chances were slim until I found another selling half price beer for happy night. (at €3 that made it normal so I was not that happy)

  Day 08: Tuesday 29th September 2009 : Interlaken, Switzerland  
Miles : 185 = 1570 Time : 7h 5m Mov. ave : 38mph  sunny 9c - 23c
The Furka pass from Gletch
  On the top of the Grimsel pass is an animal sanctuary, not sure what specimen this was  

One of many of the dammed waters on the way down from the Grimsel pass



Leaving Chamonix Mont Blanc is always a hard task, and made even harder when the hotel upgraded you to a suite and spoilt you a little. Never mind the task is always easier if I am heading for Switzerland in the sunshine.

Today's run was first to Head direct for Gletch, a good run spoilt by the middle 40 or so miles. Once at Gletch it;s over the Grimsel pass and paradise country what a viewers paradise. The it was towards Interlaken, and a tour around Junfrau region. First Grindlewald and then Lauterbrunnen, where I planned on stopping for the night except it was so quiet we headed for the bright lights of Interlaken and the well used Crystal Hotel.

  Day 09: Wednesday 39th September 2009 : Baden - Baden ,Germany  
Miles : 230 = 1800 Time : 7h Mov. ave : 46mph  sunny 24c
  Freudenstadt looked a mighty fine town....  

Another sunny day, our luck was running well, and a second day of drags. I also love Switerland and inparticualar the Jungfrau region. I nearly decided to stop the second night and do two big hits on the motorway to the ferry.

Any way I moved and pointed the bike towards Germany and the town of Baden-Baden. For the first time I used the road from Interlaken to the north side of the lake towards Luzurn keeping of the motorway until Luzurn. It was an excellent road with good views of the lake.

After the fun we Joined motorway to pass Basel and Turned off north of Freiburg to have an 80 mile play through the black forest. Calling at Freudenstadt to recall one of my worst hangovers. Once again it was 6pm before a hotel was found.

  Day 10: Thursday 1st October 2009 : Rudheshiem,Germany  
Miles : 147 = 1947 Time : 4h Mov. ave : 50mph  sun/cloud 22c

The town of Baden Baden boasts more millionaires than anywhere else in Germany.

The Casino was fantastic “The most beautiful casino in the world”, was how Marlene Dietrich described Germany’s oldest casino.

A ferry was taken across the Rhine to reach Rudeshiem

  The hotel at Rudeshiem offered us wine barrels that you could sleep in ..... happy birthday Den or what?
Rüdesheim’s Drosselgasse is arguably the most well-known German street in the world and it’s here that you will find Hotel Lindenwirt.The focal point of the hotel is in the hotel gardens where guests can choose from six inhabitable wine casks with such illustrious monikers as "tom-cat hole" or "old maid".  Each expanded cask features a comfortable bed as well as a bath, telephone and TV. 

Long or short that's the question, and we went with ......Short, and a look around the town of Baden- Baden which looked as good in the daylight as it had the evening before. The town is very upmarket boasting more millionaires per population than anywhere else in Germany.

The only deviation to today's 12 noon departure was a run down the "500" road back towards
Freudenstadt as this had been missed and is a true bikers road. The join the autoroute and head north to Koblenz before finally crossing the Rhine on a ferry and then only 5 short miles to our stop for the night at Rudeshiem.

  Day 11:Friday 2nd October 2009 : Ijmunden, Holland .. boat home  
Miles : 278 = 2225 Time : 5h 25m Mov. ave : 63mph  on the cold side
Rudeshiem on a cold greyish morning, from the ferry

Just heading home fast run no hold ups and under five and a half hours including a ferry across the Rhine and two stops.

Ferry no problem and home 5 miles after docking is always a winner.

Staying at
Hull Ferry
n p and o nice boat 9
y Best Western - Poste central but not cheap 8
y Ibis Central good location basic and clean 8
La Clusaz
y Hotel Airelles small hotel in main square 8.5
Bourg D'Oisans
n Hotel Milan Central but basic and tired 7
y Hotel Napoleon Central and good parking 8
y Best western- Morgane don't come any better 10.99
y hotel crystal habits die hard 8.5
Baden - Baden
n Hotel Lohr we found it easy 7.5
n hotel Lindenwirt nice and different 8.5
DFDS - Ijmunden
y Boat Always poor beer/it was better 7

Major toys:-

  • Autocom Pro Avi, fitted with bike to bike Kenwood tk3101 radios.
  • Garmin Zumo 660 GPS , also providing in helmet music interfaced to Autocom
  • Apple iphone blue toothed to Garmin allowing you to see caller, then interfaced to Autocom
  • Samsung N110 Netbbook computer.

Other bits and bobs:

  • £1 buys €1.07
  • Unleaded fuel costs €1.30 in france, €1.40 in holland
  • Beer cost £6 - 7 a pint in France (£8 if you like Leffe Ruby)
  • It was better in Switzerland at £3
  • Okay in Germany £3.50

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