That's one end to the other in a day

Yes that's what it looks like

Well what a weekend from not wanting to go on the Friday, to wanting to go straight home on the Saturday morning, and by the evening wanting to do it again. What a change in attitude!

I can honestly say on the Thursday this was not my idea of a weekend away. I had just returned from 4000+ miles and had no urge to do nearly half again in a weekend, however Badcock had invited me as a guest of the HOG ( Harley owners group ) and to be honest because I originally said yes, (Okay I was on my 7th pint of stella at the time) and he got me a place, I felt compelled (sort of).

Well I am not sure who to blame Dave Badcock, Stella, Or compelltion but off I went

Friday 7.30am - After a poor nights nervous sleep I had arranged to meet Dave Badcock at his place and he was gone, my first piece of luck starred me in the face. Sadly as I crept back home through the back streets I was only to find him sitting outside my place. I had side stepped him at the petrol stop.

8am Washington services and the big gather, by 10 past it had started 500 miles just to get to the start point, of these 260 of them wet of which 100 was torrential. This was not my idea of fun. However the dry run into Land End and the end of the motorway my spirits were raised. We arrived at 6.30pm not all in  a group some had falling behind with poor bikes and a puncture. By 10pm I was informed that all 17 had arrived.

Poor Nigel stuck on the motorway in the rain with a electrical problem thought he had police assistance when they stopped only to give him a ticket for a wrong size number plate.

First part complete... at least I am at Lands End

A long night..stay sober and up at 3am

Who took the sign

Saturday 3am - Now even I thought Saturday only had two 3 o'clocks the one when when you came in from Friday night and the one when you went to the match. However after all these years I was to be introduced to a 3rd.

Nerves had ensured that sleep was not going to happen and after nodding in and out for a few hours the alarm sounded for the off. The hotel was very kind and had provided breakfast at 2.30am, nerves and the fear of losing Badcock kept me away and my bike was fully loaded GPS on music on me on and ready for the 3am photo call. Its not that I can't find my way to JOG its just in the dark I am scarred. The BMW adventures big failing is the lights, my theory the sandwiched between 14 Harley's with full lights blazing I would be safe. I was to stick to Dave Badcock like a rash.

3am Photo call

Made it

Greg even took a pillion

Now how come my attitude had changed so much, somehow I now felt on top of the world and wanted to do it again, what a buzz a wonderful night looking back over the achievement. I was so pleased that I had completed the course and hard to explain, but it was  wonderful and probably one of the best biking days in my life.

The talk started to turn towards next year as the beer kicked in the miles got further and further, ideas like Barcelona and back in weekend, out Saturday home Sunday.

That night content, fed and watered I was off to bed and did it take some getting to sleep I tossed and turned for almost a minute before slipping into a coma.

Ready for home

Sunday 10am - Photo call at the finish for all 17 riders before setting off on the 400 miles home.

We were blessed with a perfect days dry ride and a end to a excellent weekend the pace was lowered as we enjoyed the scenery, the coffee the ice cream etc.

My thanks to HOG for arranging the trip and providing me with one of my better memories. Dave Cook for the eye drops, Dave Badcock for the 1 minute break after 4 hours and every Harley for the lights and everyone else who made this a absolute marvel. That now stands me at 6000 miles in a month, I think I might have a day or two without a run out.

The idea had been raised to collect sponsor money in aid of the "THE GREAT NORTH AIR AMBULANCE" and we think we could be close to £10000 lets hope so. All money is going direct no expenses are being deducted.



Stats from Billy's Bike:
Friday 7hrs 52mins riding, (or 10hrs 25Mins in transit) 490 Miles Ave 62 MPH
Saturday 12Hrs 49Mins riding (or 15Hrs 29Mins in transit) 841 Miles Ave 66 MPH
Sunday 6Hrs 50Mins riding (or 9Hrs in transit) 404 Miles Ave 58 MPH

Total 1735 miles on GPS or 1825 on BMW speedometer , 175 litre fuel or about 40 gallon in old style or rather 680 gallon for the team


Who's idea was this then? 1,730 in three days; why? I suppose because we can or can we? Chris Malkin first suggested to me that it would be a jolly wheeze if we were to ride Lands End to John O'Groats, would it not it? I being an exponent of 'Riding Your Bike' obviously thought so and decided it would be my little project contribution to Geordie Chapter HOG for 2005. I had relinquished all control of the Chapter in January 2004 and stepped well aside from all organisational duties to focus on my riding and having fun but it was time to come out of my self imposed sabbatical and organise an event. Chris had mentioned it a few times but no substansive decisions had been made so that is where I come in. (Dave Badcock)


Dave Badcock relaxed...it's all over now

Bill Skipper with a well deserved pint

Badcock Dave
Collis Nigel
Cook Dave
Malkin Chris
McCrindle Mike
Muizelaar Bev
Nicol Graham
Oxberry Bryan
Simnett Paul
Smith Nigel
Ince John
Gray Steven
Holmes Greg
Ingledew Mick
Maullin Pete
Vardy Dave
Skipper Bill

Last but not least!!

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