Billy Skipper's Bike Travels - Italy 2004 - Route
Hi this web log is dedicated to my bike travels. Plus a few others)
My Weakness in life is motorcycle travel, the further the better. It is in me blood and as my mother has always said a spotted dog will always have spots.

Hope I don't send you to sleep! Please try and find the time to leave a message.

This website is my little tester at keeping people back home up to date.
(the test bit is finding an internet connection) This time I shall be trying a connection using GPRS in my mobile phone and connecting to my Laptop using built in Bluetooth.

The bike is equipped with an Autocom communications system. which allows for CD music to be played in the helmet, a 2 way radio to keep in contact with the other bikes, a mobile phone to keep in touch with everyone else, and finally a Garmin GPS (satellite navigation system) with sound prompts to guide us turn by turn to our destination (all hands free). A nice touch is the automatic music muting when one of the devices switches in. The bike also carries a laptop computer, which is used to keep this web site up to date, and also the downloading of photographs and the uploading of maps to the GPS unit. All in all a communications system on 2 wheels.

My thanks are for David Badcock to which making of this site would not have been possible!!!! Always one step ahead. David recently rode 1000 miles in a day and in doing so joined the Iron Butt Association.
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   Jul 15/04   Home 
    Jul 14/04   More Photos 
    Jul 14/04   More Photos - Phil wanted to see himself 
 7   Jul 14/04   towards the end 
    Jul 11/04   Stella Alpina 3009 meters 
 6   Jul 10/04   Sommeiller hotel - Bardonecchia 
 5  Jul 6/04   Ainsa - Pyrennes 
 4   Jul 5/04   saint jean peid de port 
 3   Jul 5/04   update Sarah , Jake and Ben Write their own story 
 2   Jul 4/04   The day has arrived - 4th July 04 
 1   Jul 3/04   The night before - 3rd July 04 


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