This was the cultural trip of them all
Sadly all not well that does not end well, and 10 miles from home I would have an accident that would see my bike a write off!!! Well at least I walked away from it.

Route taken - 2000 miles approx
Six of us set of from North shields Ferry to Ijumden to visit Berlin, Warsaw and Krakow. A very cultural tour visiting the Check Point Charlie museum , The Gestapo torturer chambers the remains of the wall in Berlin. Then of to the historic capital Of Poland Warsaw and finally a couple of nights in Krakow to visit Auswitch and Berkenau and to calm us down a lovely visit down a salt mine, before returning home via Praque and a Visit the German prison of war camp Colditz and then heading back for the ferry at Ijumden.

Ready for the off..

Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

checkpoint Charlie museum - more information >

More checkpoint Charlie

Some of the Berlin wall still remains - More information >

It was the love parade in Berlin

A reminder of war


some top brass were in town

Palace Warsaw

Auschwitz - More information

inside Auschwitz

It ended here for many on the firing wall, Auschwitz

Crematorium , Auschwitz


Inside one of the huts, Birkenau

The end of the line - Birkenau

The band inside the salt mine

Inside the salt mine, Krakow- a fantastic tour - more Information >




Colditz Castle - Home to British prisoners of war - More information >

Radio room Colditz Castle

The end of the road

a two and a half minute video showing the highlights


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