April 01 - an early quick run out for the year

Riders for this 4 night tour of Ireland

  1. Billy Skipper
  2. Anthony Skipper
  3. Steve Owen
  4. Ian Armstrong

Map of route for the 4 day tour
This turned out to be a cold wet run but never the less still enjoyed . We travelled from Stranraer to Larne travelled across to the west coast then down to dingle and returned from Dun Loaghaire to Holyhead. the route was approx 1200 miles With overnights in Larne,Cliften,Dingle and Trim

Outside station hotel Clifton

Billy and Anthony (that's my R1100RT)

Cliffs Of Moyer

Billy and Steve cliffs of Moyer

Wor Jackie and the boys

At Least Jackie likes my bike

Dingle pictured from our Guest house

Anthony, Ian and Steve at Brendans cove

Trim scene of film Braveheart

Ian and Anthony ready for a night out in Trim

an excellent last night stop close to the ferry


Staying at
1. Larne N. Ireland 180 180    
2. Clifton Eire 265 445 Station hotel  
3. Dingle Eire 205 650    
4. Trim Eire 265 915 brogans Via dingle pin
5. Home UK 320 1325   50m to ferry

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