Bill and Jim to Russia using a train for the last bit
23rd June 1998 to 8th July 1998


A 2250 mile round trip to Helsinki. With a visit to Russia by train. The foreign office had advised us against taking our bikes across the border (with 10 years more experience i would not have listened)

A ferry would take us from Newcastle to Hamburg, Germany and we returned from Stavanger to Newcastle.

Sadly 2 ferries that do not operate any longer.


Lumberg Germany

Copenhagen, Denmark

Stockholm , Sweden

Helsinki, Finland

St Petersburg, Russia

Hermitage museum, St Petersburg

It's a 13 mile walk around it all

Jim stood guard

While I relaxed

I love high towers!! well I did till I went up this rusty relic

This was the main office.. someone said with the right credentials you can go to the top

and the top we did.... it was rotten, Olga and a smile

at least the view was good

The lift leaked and was also rotton...the whole lot had been made from melted down tanks

Then it was off to get lost on the tram, and lost we got

The good bits are very good

All this market sold was Russian dolls ..... Every stall hundreds of them

We arrive in style and we leave in style

It's back on the Helsinki - St. Petersburg express ..... First class Sir

Then through Sweden

Norway and the rain

Finally a night in Bergan

Staying at
1. ferry UK 5 5 Boat    
2. Lubeck Germany 60 65 Movenpick £85  
3. Copenhagen Denmark 155 230 Cosmopolitan £97  
4. Jonkoping Sweden 200 430 John Bauer £53 ferry
5. boat at 9pm   220 650 Dancing palace   via Stockholm
6. Helsinki Finland 115 765 Sokos   leave bikes
7/8. St Petersburg Russia train       train at 6.30am
8 Helsinki Finland train   Sokas    
10. Umea? Sweden 300 1065 Grand £45  
11. Ostersund   240 1305 Zeta £48  
12. Trongheim Norway 185 1490 olva £61  
13. Styrn Norway 310 1800 Apartment? £43 Coast Road Ex
14. Bergan Norway 210 2010 Dreggen £80  
15. Stavanger At Sea 220 2230 boat    
16. Home     2257     docked 16.30h

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