Bill and Jim tour 1997 and after the Heat of the Dessert we would try the coolness of the Arctic
9th June 1997 - 23rd June 1997

Map of the arctic tour

We seen lots of snow

I knew I would not be coming back ...ever!!!

This is the Arctic Circle line (1 Day never gets light and 1 day never gets dark)

66° 33′ 39″ (or 66.56083°) north of the Equator

yes even a GPS back then (it also went the previous year)

You can book these to sleep in, Huyters !!!! Not me and James we like better

Don't They look well

This is Nordkapp... The most northern tip of Europe at midnight

This canny lass Bente was in charge of a coach party and also looked after us

I never did suit horns

Our one night in Sweden

The King and Queen of Norway chose the same hotel as me and Jim

All the top brass was out in force to celebrate the Queens 60th Birthday

Staying at
1. Ferry UK 5   boat to Bergan  
2. Halfso Norway 150 155   ar at 15.15h
3. Trondheim Norway 295 450 Hotel Prisen  
4. Mo I Rana Norway 325 775 Rica Hotel  
5. Narvik Norway 277 1052 Rica Norlandia visit circle
6. Alta Norway 300 1352 North Cape Hotel  
7. Alta Norway 150 1540 North Cape Hotel visit top
8. Tromso Norway 332 1872 Grand Nordik  
9. Narvik Norway 177 2049 Narvik Grand  
10. A Norway 267 2316 Sovergen? missed ferry
11. Tarnaby Sweden 240 2556   vis frozen lakes
12. Trondheim Norway 304 2860 King Olga  
13. Gol Norway 313 3173 Storefjell middle of nothing
14. Bergan Norway 206 3379 Ferry 4pm depart
15. home     3401    

1540 miles to the top////cost £1485 //// 51mpg

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