The first of many of the real Adventures
27th april 1996 - 10th May 1996

Map of places visited

This would be the first of a long line of Adventures on the motorbike. A step away from civilisation and into the unknown.

From this point forward standard travel would never be the same again. It took planning to the next level, no more breakdown recovery, you are on your own.


Dear Me it's Den and Tin Tin ..Arrival in Bilbao

I we soon got tired of this

heading for the off road !! with no water

I bet it's still the deepest river crossing to date

Bogart's bar Casablanca

This guy thought he got the job because he looked looked Bogart

No trip complete without a visit to Gibraltar

A friend of Jim's now living in Gibraltar sowed us around


Staying at
1. Portsmouth UK 387   ferry to Bilbao 8 hrs boat at 8pm
2. still at sea   0      
3. Granada Spain 615 1002 Hotel Presidente boat docked at 8am slightly lost
4. tue Gibraltar UK 190 1192 Hotel Bristol Leave luggage here
5. Meknes Morocco 213 1405 Hotel Rif,Meknes ferry algerceras (783md)
6. Er-Rachidia Morocco 221 1626 Hotel Kenzi,Rissani 20km off road
7. Quarzazate Morocco 288 1914 Hotel Kenzi Azghor  
8. Marrakech Morocco 149 2063 Hotel Sahara Inn not all good hotels
9. sun Casablanca Morocco 154 2217 Les Almohades  
10. Gibraltar UK 305 2522 Hotel Bristol  
11. Cordoba Spain 221 2743 Hotel Alfaros  
13. Guistard/Victoia Spain 483 3226 Hotel Ciudad de Vitoria One of the best..Oh that Suite
14. Bilbao Spain 75 3301 Boat ferry a 12.30
15. home UK 382 3683 Home boat docked 16.30
That was a long drive home, arrived freezing cold about 1am early Saturday morning

Cost £1310 each /// 74gallon fuel = 48mpg

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