The first Tour Abroad (except for an attempt in 1977, best forgotton ?)
Germany , Switzerland and it was very hot from memory. This was the early days of no GPS

Map- not showing exact route more of an overview

Looking back 17 years to fill in the gaps is never easy, but I remember it being very hot and it was my first and last water cooled BMW. A lovely machine but when it was hot this was very hot.

It did return 54mpg over the trip.

The trip consisted of only 2 bikes myself and Jim. I think Jim still has the scars of the heat on his legs.

Country miles total Staying at comment
1- 4 Jun 93 boat to Hamburg   0 0 Boat  
2 Goslar Ger 155 155 Golden Krone 140dm
3 Rothenburg Ger 260 415    
4 Fussen Ger 163 578    
5 Char Swit 237 815    
6 Interlaken Swit 115 930    
7 Freudenstadt Ger 215 1145 Hotel Schwarzwaldhof  
8 Cochem Ger 240 1385 Hotel Am Hafen wine festival
9 Trier Ger 90 1475 Hotel Garni more bends
10 Zeebrugge Bel 250 1725    
11 Home UK 126 1851    

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