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My name is Billy and I live North-East of England in South Shields,my main interest in life after My Wife Karen and my young son Paul (who born in Nov 2001 has put an end to the two's up touring ) is Motorcycling touring, mainly long foreign hauls. I have done many trips mainly solo but a couple two's up with my wife Karen. The best of which was a ride up passed the Arctic circle and on to the top of Europe Nord-Kapp, which is the most northerly tip on Norway and Europe. Which makes for a 3500 mile run (round trip) once you get off the ferry. Then finally before our Paul came along in 2001 a trip to Zagreb visiting most other on route countries as we passed totaling almost 4000 miles. I have in the past visited Morocco twice once in 1996 which is my joint favourite destination on a motorcycle. A total different culture a different world, you can read about my most recent trip to Morocco.

Recent trips have included India and the highest motorable road in the world, then a long overland haul to Chernobyl, Ukraine

Despite a accident in Holland in 2003 in which the bike was a write off, it never once put me off what I enjoy. Recently I revisited an old pastime of mine of walking, this could be linked to having a bit more time and maybe the arrival of the motor home. A long term ambition is to do a long distance walk, something I have fancied since buying Wainwright Pennine way book back in 1976. In 2007 I completed the Coast to Coast walk completing just on 200miles. This was followed in 2008 by the West Highland Way.

Also in 2007 was another ambition complete by finishing a degree at Sunderland University in Business Computing, having left school at 16 it a challenge complete. Okay a little boast but to save asking I did get first class honours.

One of my greatest memories shall always be the flight in Concorde which came shortly before it was taken from service.

A new section has just been added, cycle power in 2009 and this would involve a trip accross the country completing the Hadrian Cycle Way


What a beauty

billy and akren on concorde concorde over manhatton
On the flight deck of Concorde with chief pilot of the fleet

Its always nice for people to want their photograph taking with me

billy and phil mitchell quinn
Phil Mitchell (Steve Mc Fadden)
  charlton   pinsent   
Jackie Charlton
Mathew Pinsent
poom frankie
Mark Poom
Frankie Dettori
monty kerr
Bobby Kerr

Fundraising me .... boxing day dip>>>>>

okay it was 2004... but it was the worlds hotest curry...Over £2k raised for charity

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